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Our Mission

From Michael With Hope aims to provide donations of supplies, gifts, and funds to the Jimmy Everest Center's pediatric cancer patients and workers.  We strive to brighten the days of children going through the same or similar treatments as our Michael.  We are hopeful, that with your help, From Michael can make a difference.


About Michael

Michael is a sweet, strong, smart boy who loves playing with his brothers Christopher (8) and Jacob (4).  On August 20, 2023, our 6 year old son was diagnosed with Leukemia.  From that day on, our family has dealt with his diagnosis and treatments as best we can.  The chemo days are long and there are extremely rough moments, physically and mentally. My husband (Rudy) and I (Emily) lean into gratefulness. Gratefulness we have each other, our boys have us, and that we have an amazing support system. Gratefulness we can absorb this burden as a team.  Gratefulness to the team of doctors who pour all they have into curing our child.  Our ultimate gratitude goes to God and all he provided to prepare us for this time of suffering.  


Why We Started

The feeling of gratitude is what led us here.  Right before Christmas, we were able to arrange a toy donation to the Jimmy Everest Clinic ​of just over 350 toys.  Those toys are given to patients on their hardest days.  The children get to choose a gift from the toy closet on days they have sedation and procedures.  Being able to give back to the clinic, that gives us hope for Michael's future, felt incredible.  We can only imagine other children are missing class parties and other celebrations in the community, just like Michael.  So, Rudy and I were happy to gift again around Valentine's Day.  Michael learned quickly from watching us give.  He had us take him to the store to buy toys to give out in the waiting room.  He then wanted to make small gifts for his doctor, physical therapist, and the nurses in the clinic.  When the clinic was in need of bandages we were happy to fill that request, as well.  We have endless ideas that would brighten the days of the patients and the workers at the Jimmy Everest center. When we let Michael know we were wanting to make his gifting official he was very excited and named his charity "From Michael."  Our official name is a bit longer, but using our nickname is just fine too.



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