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  • Purchase and install an interactive projector at the Jimmy Everest Center

  • Gift the children at the center "Shoulderkins"

  • Provide fun onsies for pediatric leukemia patients 

  • Plan various fundraising events 

Explore these links to learn more about our goals:


This interactive floor projection system will be a perfect activity for the JEC waiting room.  It does not require any sanitizing and is a fun pastime for children waiting on lab results and/or waiting for their treatments to begin.  

Michael has and enjoys a few "Shoulderkins."  The moose was his companion during his initial in-patient stay.  We already purchased the Child Life Specialists a giraffe, tiger, and turtle.  They will be able to explain how the magnet is similar to the internal parts of a port catheter and the animal on top of the shirt is like the outside parts when the port is accessed.  Not only is it fun and comforting, but it can be used as a teaching tool.


Michael loves to wear his cozy onesies to his chemotherapy appointments.  He finds comfort in being able to go to treatment in his PJs.  The zipper is super helpful.  He doesn't have to take a shirt off to get his port accessed. Getting accessed is one of the most stressful things to him and we will do anything to make it easier for him to handle. Accessing a patients' port is an obligatory step to treatment.  If we can make a difference in a child's experience, we would love to do our small part.

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